Financial & Professional Protection

Business Interruption (Consequential Loss)

Businesses face a level of uncertainty on a daily basis when risks outside of their control aren’t managed properly. A Business Interruption (Consequential Loss) coverage is essential to business operations as it provides coverage for Loss of Profit, Wages or Salaries and Rental due to the financial impact and length of interruption brought by the direct result of fire and/or other extended perils.

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Cyber Security

Cyber Security Takaful protection scheme assists Large Business Entities, Large Private Companies, Government Linked Companies and Small Medium Enterprises in managing risks that arise from breached critical information infrastructures. Such companies and organisations are exposed daily to the risk of liabilities in the event of damages stemming from hackers’ attacks or ransomware or the theft of third-party data. Cyber Security Takaful helps manage those liabilities and reduce the financial losses that are incurred due to cyber threats, including the costs associated with remediation. The protection scheme covers Privacy Liability, Network Security Liability, Media Liability, Cyber Extortion, Data Asset Loss and Business Interruption.


Director’s and Officer’s Liability

Directors, Senior Management and Executives are tasked with managing key roles of companies and organisations. Often manning the position of a decision maker. This scheme provides coverage for the cost of compensation claims and any legal expenses incurred in the director’s and officer’s defence against legal actions brought for alleged wrongful acts in their capacity as directors and officers.

Professional Indemnity

Professionals like Architects, Doctors, Engineers and others alike are at risk to legal action brought by their clients. The risk they face may affect related stakeholders. To protect their interest, this product will cover the professional defence, and includes any damage and costs awarded to the client in the event of wrong or inadequate advice, services, designs and negligence.

Public Liability

For any business that have an operational space, office or even when organizing large scale public events that is accessible to the general public, it is important to ensure that the companies adhere to HSE regulations and national safety standards. This product covers the cost of legal action and compensation claims made against the participant company if a third-party is injured, or a third-party property is damaged whilst at the premises of the participant company business.

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Takaful Guarantee for Foreign Workers

This takaful acts as a guarantee to the Brunei Darussalam Labour Department that companies will employ foreign workers in accordance to their approved labour quota. This takaful is an alternative option to placing cash deposits equivalent or a Banker’s Guarantee of which requires 100% cash deposit either to the Labour Department or Banks.


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