Physical Asset and Operational Protection


Aviation Hull and Liability
Commercial aviation services carry a wide range of risks whether by flying passengers from one destination to another or delivering high valued assets across the world. This takaful coverage provides financial protection against losses due to the physical loss and damage to hull and spares, and legal liability to Third Parties and Passengers arising out of an accident.

Airport’s Owner and Operator Liability
Airports welcome over hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. As one of the most essential, accessible and chosen mode of travel for a large majority of people, a handful of potential risks are critical for airport operators to manage. This Takaful cover indemnifies the Airport’s Owner and Operator for the sum they are legally liable to pay, in respect of property damage, bodily injury and legal costs from the Airport’s Premises and Operations.

Contractor’s All Risk

Tradesmen or contractors, having Contractors All Risk is one of the most essential protection coverage to have in order to ensure your projects progress without delay. CAR is one of the most comprehensive methods for protecting building works and the tools, plant and equipment on a construction site. This scheme provides coverage for the cost of physical loss or damage to the construction of buildings or civil works that may occur.

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Fire & Allied Perils

Fire is one of the major threats to businesses. In the event of a fire without having adequate protection, the cost of reconstruction and repair would be taken from your business’ revenues. Such massive expenses can put an end to most business operations. An adequate fire & special perils protection can help your business survive a huge financial loss that may arise due to fire and other allied perils covered for both residential and commercial properties.

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Goods in Transit

This takaful covers loss or damage to the subject matter insured including theft by actual forcible entry or attempt thereat whilst it’s in the ordinary course of transit by motor vehicles and/or land conveyance.

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Machinery All Risk

Plant machinery and industrial equipment such as forklifts, and medical devices such as dental chairs and computed tomography (CT) scanners are expensive items purchased for business use. This scheme provides coverage for the participant’s business working machinery and plants for sudden and unforeseen physical loss, or damage.

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Marine Cargo

A large majority of cargoes are mostly transported by sea using freightliners owned by many different shipping companies. These cargoes face a wide range of risks, from damages due to accidents, natural disasters, inappropriate handling, theft and perils of the seas. Our Marine cargo product covers millions worth in assets during transits under the care of shipping companies and in the course of transportation from the loading port to ports within Brunei Darussalam. This protection is crucial for companies operating within the supply chain to ensure their goods are well protected should the specified risk happens.

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Marine Hull

Shipping companies rely heavily on the dependability and condition of their vessel in order to safely and securely deliver their best services. At sea, shipping vessels may face unpredictable risks that can cause damages. This product provides coverage to a vessel due to damage to her machinery and equipment to ensure your business continuity.


Marine Third Party Liability

From commercial vessels/boats ferrying passengers or personal vessels/boats for leisure, liability risks towards the owners and the public such as fire or explosion, sinking, capsizing derailment exist. This Product provides coverage to commercial vessels/boats and pleasure craft should any listed mishap occurs.


Cash handling can be a risky task for any business. While cashless transactions are becoming more common, your business may still require to use money, cash, cheque, postal orders or money orders. This protection scheme covers loss of money from a variety of circumstances your business may face on a daily basis.

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Motor Takaful

Motor transportation are the driving force for companies and large corporations in delivering their services with utmost efficiency and precision. Any disruptions could cause delays and large-scale losses to businesses. This scheme provides coverages that will assist organizations in keeping your business on the road, ensuring that your services will keep on moving forward.

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Performance Bond

Takaful Guarantee for Foreign Workers
This takaful acts as a guarantee to the Brunei Darussalam Labour Department that companies will employ foreign workers in accordance to their approved labour quota. This takaful is an alternative option to placing cash deposits equivalent or a Banker’s Guarantee of which requires 100% cash deposit either to the Labour Department or Banks.


Property All Risk

This takaful covers accidental physical loss, damage or destruction of the property covered for commercial purpose. It is considered a comprehensive cover which includes assets such as office equipment, plant & machinery, stocks and other assets of interest. This scheme provides protection due to loss or damage for commercial properties.

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