Mortgage & Financing Takaful

Mortgage & Financing Takaful provides protection on your financing obtained from banks, financial institutions,employer or corporation to purchase fixed assets or personal financing.


A guarantee to the borrower that in case of untimely Death during the period of the financing,the outstanding balance of financing will be fully settled by Takaful Keluarga Sdn Bhd.

The guarantor will not be burdened with debt in case of borrower’s untimely Death during the period of financing.

An assurance and guarantee to the lender that full settlement of financing will be paid in case of untimely death of the borrower during the period of financing.

Scope of Cover

Total Permanent Disablement


Individuals ages between 18 to 55 years otherwise the plan must mature at the age of 65 years old.

Period of Takaful

According to repayment, construction period and grace period.