Attractive insurance coverage for travellers

THE Takaful Brunei Am Sdn Bhd (TBA) improved its Musafir (Travel) Takaful in July last year by increasing the coverage up to 24 types of comprehensive benefits and introducing family and group packages at better rates.

The Musafir Takaful awareness campaign was designed to introduce the product, educate and help Bruneian outbound holiday travellers manage their exposure to risks during travelling.

Reaching almost a year since the new Musafir Takaful was introduced, with over 5,000 travellers protected by the end of 2018, TBA has received nearly 80 reported claims. TBA has reimbursed over BND2,400 worth in baggage damages and over BND50,000 for Medical Expenses abroad.

There were also cases where travellers without any travel Takaful experienced medical emergencies abroad and faced large medical expenses. The data further proved the true risk exposure of travellers facing unforeseeable circumstances while travelling abroad.

The most valuable coverage is the Medical Expenses coverage which covers up to BND300,000. Being in a foreign country with the risk of a medical emergency, the medical treatment bills are required to be fully paid by the individual or family members. Not only do they create financial burdens but may also cause a delay in treatment because of the lack of guaranteed payment.

By having the Musafir Takaful, it is comforting and reassuring to know that the medical treatment bill may be compensated with Guaranteed Payment along with 24-hour Emergency Travel Assistance service that will guide travellers throughout.

Protection coverage on emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of up to BND1 million for emergency medical transportation charges from the foreign country back to Brunei Darussalam was also included.

For frequent travellers, such as those who travel either for leisure, business or part of their occupation, TBA encourages to take up the Musafir Takaful Annual Plan as it is more cost-effective than a per trip basis.

With the annual plan, the travellers’ are covered throughout an entire year without having to renew their Musafir Takaful before every trip.