Blood donation drive at TBK

TAKAFUL Brunei Keluarga Sdn Bhd (TBK) in collaboration with the Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha (RIPAS) Hospital’s Blood Donation Centre yesterday held a blood donation drive

At the Islamic insurance company head office in Kiulap, more than 10 people, who included Chief Corporate Officer of Takaful Brunei Pg Hj Md Suffri Pg Hashim, TBK customers, members of the public and employees of company, rolled up their sleeves to bleed for a good cause.

The two-hour campaign themed “Donate Blood Save Lives Every Drop Matters” was the second held in two years and was part of TBK’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which believes that every drop of blood donated matters, as this helps the community and the National Blood Bank to replenish supplies and for those in need.

For information on TBK’s products, please visit its head office at Unit 1 & 2, Kompleks Seri Kiulap, Kampung Kiulap, or any of its respective branches. TBK can also be reached by calling its Call Centre at 2231100 or visit its website at, TakafulBrunei on Facebook and Instagram.

Brunei Times

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