Insurance protection for COVID-19

Brunei students, who are under TBK’s Takaful Student Care and currently still abroad, can rest assured that in the event that they are diagnosed with COVID-19, they will have 50 per cent coverage for their medical inpatient treatment.

This was stated in a press release yesterday by Takaful Brunei Keluarga (TBK) Sdn Bhd, which also announced it has now included coverage for COVID-19 in its medical products, Takaful As-Syifa’ and Takaful Group Hospital & Surgical.

The coverage automatically applies to TBK’s existing and new clients. The sudden COVID-19 pandemic in early January has affected the global economy and the lives of millions around the world. Brunei Darussalam reported its first case in March.

As one of the leading Takaful operators in Brunei Darussalam, TBK is providing COVID-19 coverage for its Takaful AmanTakaful Aman Plus and Takaful Student Care.

An existing income protection plan available with a monthly payment programme to provide financial protection, Takaful Aman is ideal for individuals who work in the government sector, private sector, entrepreneurs, self-employed and young executives.


This Takaful product lessens the financial burden of the participant, in the event of an accident or illness that prevents them from earning income with its basic coverage for death and total permanent disablement due to accidents. Its extension includes a higher maximum sum coverage of up to BND1,000,000, on top of its renewability up to the age of 70.

As for the Takaful Aman Plus, customers are also given the convenience in the form of monthly payments, which are also payable through the TBK Call Centre and online payment. This allows customers to pay for their protection plans without having to go to any counters.

Depending on customer preferences, there is also an option for an annual payment.

TBK’s Takaful As-Syifa’ and Takaful Group Hospital & Surgical provide up to 50 per cent coverage on their Inpatient and outpatients treatment benefits, as well as 100 per cent on daily Hospital Allowance benefits of BND50 to BND200 per day for 65 days.

This is subject to the selected package plan of Basic Gold, Silver or Bronze, with an additional cancer coverage and Hospital Allowance. This coverage is offered to those who have not been diagnosed with COVID-19.

As the country continues to cope with the ongoing COVID-19, members of the public are reminded to follow the government’s instructions in maintaining hygiene and practising social and physical distancing. These measures are a collective effort to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, to avoid overwhelming the country’s current healthcare system.

Existing customers who are active participants of these TBK products, or interested individuals may contact the TBK Call Centre for more information.