Sixth Form students briefed on protecting financial life

TAKAFUL Brunei Keluarga (TBK) was invited as one of the panelists to give a talk to some 50 students from Meragang Sixth Form Centre on Wednesday, September 2. Wan Rushdan bin Haji Abdul Latif, one of TBK’s Certified Islamic Financial Planner, conveyed the importance of protecting financial life to the students. His talk touched on the Five Basic Principals of Islamic Financial Planning which are Earning, Protecting, Savings, Growing (Investment) and Purification (Zakat).

As students, Wan Rushdan advised them to start thinking about how to save their money and make it grow for the sake of their financial protection. By participating in any one of the various products provided by TBK, students are already protecting themselves and even their loved ones. Another added advantage of participating in TBK’s product is gaining the ‘pahala’ (blessings) by helping participants who suffer losses from any unpredictable mishap.

There are three popular products of TBK, which are: Savings, Investment and Protection. The Takaful Nur Savings is an affordable, short-term, savings plan that comprises of three components: protection, savings and investment. The coverage ranges from a maximum of five years or one year with 24 hours worldwide protection.

Takaful Education will allow parents to feel financially stable and secure on their children’s education expenses. Takaful Retirement on the other hand is a savings plan for those who would like to secure their life after retirement.

Recently, TBK added a new optional coverage to their Takaful As Syifa’ medical plan comprising of cancer cover and hospital allowance. Takaful As Syifa’ provides the participants with reimbursement of medical expenses in respect of medical treatment due to illness or accident borne.

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