Takaful Brunei assesses damage from heavy storm


TAKAFUL Brunei has managed to assist in processing 18 claims of house damage in Friday’s storm under its comprehensive home package Fire Takaful Scheme.

The repairs are expected to be completed before Hari Raya celebration. The Fire Takaful Scheme home package claims totaled up to $300,000.

Acting Deputy General Manager of Takaful Brunei, Roslan bin Tahir highlighted the importance of comprehensive Takaful coverage for homes especially for unpredictable matters such as weather pattern

“In view of the unfortunate consequences of property damages from the unexpected tropical storm, Takaful Brunei would like to inform its customers who have taken the comprehensive home package and experienced damages to come forward to inquire with the claims team as soon as possible for assessment and review.

“Takaful Brunei has also mobilised its claim teams to assist in making quantitative assessment on the extent of damages and immediately process for the repair work. With Syawal just around the corner, we will ensure that we deliver our promise, Insya Allah,” Roslan said.

Roslan also iterated that clients who subscribed to the comprehensive home package and were affected by the recent tropical storm to come forward as the coverage that comes under the Takaful scheme includes losses or damages to building structure, fixtures, fitting and home contents. Claim reports can be lodged within 14 days at the Claims Department at Takaful Brunei’s building in Beribi.

He stated that Takaful Brunei will attend and give priority to claims related to the Friday’s heavy storm and will discuss solutions for providing fulfillment of policy coverage.

He also advised all Takaful Brunei’s participants and clients to review their house or property fire policy to ensure that the policy also provides coverage for damages from natural disasters.

He added, “With a blink of an eye, home owners may lose their properties to fire or natural disaster. Therefore it is important for home owners to get coverage against losses or damages.”

James Kon

15 July 2015
Borneo Bulletin