Takaful Brunei introduces Smart Plan

Takaful Brunei recently introduced a Smart Plan, an easy monthly payment plan that allows customers to pay for their Takaful contributions on a monthly basis between terms of six and 12 months.

It is available at both its subsidiaries, Takaful Brunei Am Sdn Bhd (TBA) and Takaful Brunei Keluarga Sdn Bhd (TBK).

The introduction of the easy payment plan serves to assist customers where they are not required to provide any additional documents.

The plan also ensures affordability for elite Takaful Brunei products such as TBA’s Prestige Comprehensive Motor Takaful Package and TBK’s Takaful As-Syifa’ Gold Package.

Monthly Takaful contributions start from BND300 to BND3,000 with a service charge of BND40 or 18 to 24 months with contributions starting from BND1,200 to BND6,000 and a service charge of BND70. The plan is currently available to only BIBD cardholders.

Both payment plans are available with zero per cent interest rates, giving customers the ability to systematically acquire Takaful Protection more economically while maintaining its full coverage and benefits.

For example, a Takaful Protection that costs BND600 would be participated with a monthly cost of only BND50 for 12 months.

Customers are eligible for the plan when they use their BIBD cards to pay for either new Takaful Certificates through the Takaful Brunei Mobile App, TBA and TBK Call Centre/WhatsApp or counters or for renewal.

To convert their payments to the payment plan, customers can call the BIBD Call Centre within one month of their Takaful payment and request to change it to BIBD’s Easy Payment Plan.