UBD students win laptops

Two pre-fresher students from Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) yesterday received new laptops as prizes for TBK’s Student Group Term-Life Lucky Draw.

Siti Farzana Hamizah binti Mohammad Azimin and Nurul Hana Nabilah binti Haji Mat Daud were eligible for the draw, after taking part in TBK’s Student Group Term-Life Takaful Protection Plan, during UBD’s pre-fresher enrolment week.

TBK provides one of the highest protection coverage for students, which is up to BND2,000 for medical expenses and a hospital allowance of up to BND40 per day, with a 24-hour worldwide coverage in the event of death and total permanent disablement, due to illness or accident.

Last year, over 11,000 primary, secondary and higher education students in Brunei were covered by TBK’s Student Group Term-Life Takaful protection plan.

TBK also provides Takaful Education, a protection and savings plan for parents to systematically save for their children’s future education, and the TBK Student Care Takaful for students studying abroad.

Expressing appreciation to the UBD Welfare Department, Administration and Orientation committee members for their professional facilitation and management of the events, TBK looks forward to working together closely with Brunei’s educational institutions, to help ensure that students are financially protected whether studying locally or abroad.

Siti Farzana Hamizah binti Mohammad Azimin and Nurul Hana Nabilah binti Haji Mat Daud in a group photo. PHOTO: TBK

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