Protection & Saving Takaful Products

Family Takaful plans are a form of protection for individuals who wish to endeavor to make preparation for the catastrophe or disaster that is likely to be on his own. If a disaster or disasters descended on him, it might result in death or disability that prevents its ability to support themselves and their families. Family Takaful protects a person and plans to leave the sum of money to their heirs if he dies or is destined as a storage or supply of himself when retired or older.

Family Takaful Plan offered by the Takaful Brunei Keluarga Sdn Bhd is to enable participants to obtain this coverage on the following objectives:
Participants to save or to save regularly;
The Fund is invested for a profit;
To provide protection in the form of the Takaful benefits to participants in the event of the misfortune and disasters;
Restores the deposit and the profits and benefits of Takaful in question to the participants who did not suffer disaster after disaster and Takaful investment period expires.