What you should be aware of during any business transactions at Takaful Brunei

Authorised Representative

For any business transaction, please ensure you are being served by Takaful Brunei’s authorised representative wearing a company identification tag printed with their name.

Proposal Form

To participate in our takaful cover or plan, please complete the Proposal Form and ensure:

Correct correspondence address, mobile number and email address
True and correct details of cover to avoid any claim disputes
Understand and sign the Declaration and ‘Akad’
 Ask any questions to the authorised representative for any clarifications


Upon completion of your business transaction with us, please ensure you receive the following documents:
Takaful Schedule detailing your particulars and details of cover
Authentic Official Receipt as proof of payment
Takaful Certificate wordings* (downloadable via www.takafulbrunei.com.bn)

*if physical copy provided

Contact Us / Feedback

If you want to contact us or require any further enquiries,
call our TBA Call Centre at 224 4000

News Articles

AMBD warns of fake insurance, Takaful policies

THE Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam (AMBD) has found that there have been recent fraudulent incidents involving the sale of insurance/Takaful policies by unlicensed insurance/Takaful agents or other persons to the public.

In some cases, individuals only discovered that the policies are fake when trying to submit claims or obtain information on the insurance/Takaful policy from the insurance companies/Takaful operators.

Read More

(2016, November 25). AMBD warns of fake insurance, Takaful policies. Borneo Bulletin. Retrieved from http://borneobulletin.com.bn/

TBA Authorised Personnel

TBA Authorised Third Party Agents