Disclosure of Information

In accordance to BDCB’s Guidelines on Fraud Risk Management with reference TIU/G-4/2018/9 (Amendment No.1), we wish to remind our customers the following:

  1. To disclose all the facts in the proposal forms fully and faithfully, otherwise the Takaful Certificates issued hereunder may be void.
  2. If any claim made under the Takaful Certificate is in anyway fraudulent or if any false declaration is made to support a claim, the Takaful Certificate shall be forfeited and Takaful Brunei shall be under no obligation to make any payment of claims.
  3. Takaful Brunei shall report any suspected or confirmed fraudulent cases to BDCB.


Takaful Brunei Keluarga Sdn Bhd (TBK) an established company for over 20 years is widely known as the largest Islamic Insurance Company in providing a wide range of Takaful coverage in compliance with Shariah rulings has maintained the principles of Takaful (Islamic Insurance) redefining insurance as it is seen and practiced, mutuality, transparency and fairness have strengthen the trust our customer have placed in us to delivery security and stability for solutions that help you prepare for such events in life.


“Market Leader for Protection and Wealth Growth.”


“ Bringing Takaful and Financial Lifestyle Together. ”


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