Disclosure of Information

In accordance to AMBD Fraud Risk Management Guidelines with reference TIU/G-4/2018/9 dated 24th December 2018, we wish to remind our customers the following:

  1. To disclose all the facts in the proposal forms fully and faithfully, otherwise the Takaful Certificates issued hereunder may be void.
  2. If any claim made under the Takaful Certificate is in anyway fraudulent or if any false declaration is made to support a claim, the Takaful Certificate shall be forfeited and Takaful Brunei shall be under no obligation to make any payment of claims.
  3. Takaful Brunei shall report any suspected or confirmed fraudulent cases to AMBD.

3 Easy Steps on How to Submit a Family Takaful Claim

Step 1
A claim must be notified to the TBK immediately. Otherwise kindly contact +673 873 4885 for further assistance.

Step 2
Obtain and forward all the necessary documents to support the claim to TBK’s Department Claims Unit. Please refer to claims supporting documents listed below.

Step 3
all photocopies of documents to support the claim must be certified as true copy by TBK’s Claims personnel.

The following documents to support your claim;

1. Death Claims

Completed Claim form;
Copy of Claimant’s IC;
Copy of deceased’s IC;
Copy of death certificate;
Copy of Takaful certificate;
Copy of police report if death (accident case only); and
Letter from Financier.

2. Total Permanent Disability

Completed Claim form
Copy of Claimant’s IC;
Copy of Medical Report; and
Copy of police report (accident case only).

3. Medical Claims

Completed Claim form
Copy of Claimant’s IC;
Copy of Takaful certificate;
Copy of member card of claimant;
Original itemized Bill/Receipt;
Original Medical Report;
Copy of Discharge Ticket; and
Letter of Consent (signed by insured).

* Note: the items listed served as the guidelines for claims submission. The company reserves the right to request for further information or documents.

TBK Claims Department