Mengenai Kami 

Takaful Brunei comprises of the parent company, Syarikat Takaful Brunei Darussalam Sdn Bhd (STBD) and its subsidiaries – two leading takaful (Islamic insurance) operators, Takaful Brunei Am Sdn Bhd (TBA) and Takaful Brunei Keluarga Sdn Bhd (TBK), operating in compliance with the Takaful Order 2008. Takaful Brunei’s heritage was established in 1993 and has over 28 years of experience in the takaful and insurance industry and is recognised as a market leader for its innovative products and services.

The offering of products provides participants with a shariah compliant and holistic financial approach to protecting assets in the event of calamities whilst fulfilling one’s Islamic and moral obligations to the community, complementing Brunei’s Malay Islamic Monarchy values. Takaful Brunei, being the largest locally incorporated takaful operator in the country, contributes growth and development to Brunei’s financial sector by providing protection products and services offered by TBA for general takaful or non-life and TBK for family takaful or life classes of business.

TBA provides a complete range of protection covers for physical assets and operational protection, human asset protection, and financial and professional protection. Protection for personal and individual assets are also available, including protection for private motor vehicles, home and contents, travel, domestic helpers, medical and surgical expenses, and more. In addition, TBK provides a wide array of mortgage and financing protection, as well as protection and savings plans, designed to systematically assist, educate and protect our participants. Our certified Islamic financial planners are able to advise financial solutions for long-term financial goals such as children’s education, retirement planning and wealth protection.

With our established presence in the market as a recognisable and preferred brand, over 100,000 individuals and corporations have entrusted us with their Takaful needs and became participants of Takaful Brunei. We have been awarded the Best Takaful in Brunei for 3 consecutive years by the International Takaful Awards for 2017, 2018 and 2019, the Digital Initiative Awards by Insurance Asia Awards 2020 and the Best Takaful in Brunei Awards by the International Finance Awards. Our commitment to serve both corporate and individual customers has earned Takaful Brunei continuous trust. Takaful Brunei is dedicated to developing service excellence and delivering peace of mind to the hearts of Bruneians.


"Sebagai Kumpulan Kolektif, Kami Ingin Menjadi Penyedia Takaful Yang Pertama Di Fikiran Pelanggan. Sebagai Syarikat, Kami Ingin Menjadi Penyedia Perkhidmatan Pelengkap Berkualiti Tinggi. "


"Untuk Menyediakan Perkhidmatan Terbaik Dan Berkualiti Tinggi Untuk Menegakkan Status Takaful Brunei Am Sdn Bhd (TBA) Dan Takaful Brunei Keluarga Sdn Bhd (TBK) Dan Mencapai Visi Kami."

Fakta Utama 
Nama Syarikat Takaful Brunei Darussalam Sdn Bhd
Pemegang Saham Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah (69%)
Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam Bhd (31%)
Alamat Level 8, Dar Takaful IBB Utama Jalan Pemancha, Bandar Seri Begawan, BS8711, Negara Brunei Darussalam
Anak Syarikat Takaful Brunei Am Sdn Bhd (TBA)
Unit 9&10, Simpang 493
Kg Beribi, Jalan Gadong, BE1118
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Takaful Brunei Keluarga Sdn Bhd (TBK)
Unit 1, Level 1
Dar Takaful IBB Utama
Jalan Pemancha BS8711
Bandar Seri Begawan
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Cawangan & Kounter 8 Branches and Counters in all four districts
Bilangan Pekerja ≈ 200 pekerja
Pengertian Takaful 

Sekumpulan peserta yang bersetuju untuk sama-sama menyumbang di dalam satu tabung bagi membantu sesama mereka yang ditimpa musibah sepertimana sistem ‘Aqilah yang dipraktikkan di zaman Rasullulah S.A.W.
Ini bertepatan dengan hadith Rasulullah S.A.W.:

Rasulullah SAW mengatakan yang bermaksud: "Dan Allah menyokong dan membantu seseorang selama dia membantu dan membantu sesama manusia" (HR. Imam Muslim)

Tujuan Takaful 

Ia adalah satu saluran yang membolehkan seseorang individu membuat inisiatif untuk memberi bantuan satu sama lain dengan berkongsi risiko dan berkongsi manfaat dan kemudahan kewangan antara peserta.

Apakah ciri-ciri Takaful? 
  • Mempunyai unsur 'IBADAH
  • Mempunyai elemen TA'AWUN (Kerjasama)
  • Mempunyai elemen TABARRU '(Derma Ikhlas)
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Badan Penasihat Syariah 
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Laporan Kewangan 

Takaful Brunei Am Sdn Bhd – Laporan Kewangan 2018

Takaful Brunei Keluarga Sdn Bhd – Laporan Kewangan 2018

Takaful Brunei Am Sdn Bhd – Financial Statements 2019

Takaful Brunei Keluarga Sdn Bhd – Financial Statements 2019

Takaful Brunei Am Sdn Bhd – Financial Statements 2020

Takaful Brunei Keluarga Sdn Bhd – Financial Statements 2020